Featured Public Health Research Areas

While Mailman School research touches every corner of public health, our efforts are aligned on these strategic initiatives that maximize the interest and knowledge of faculty who work collaboratively across departments, disciplines, and methodologies. 

Climate and Health

One consequence of climate change that has obvious and lasting ramifications is the impact on human health.

Food Systems and Public Health

Food is at the center of many critical public health issues, from hunger to obesity, chronic disease to climate change.

Global Health

With research and public health projects on six continents around the globe, the Global Health Initiative seeks to effectively mobilize the capacities of Columbia Mailman and the wider Columbia University community. 

Our COVID-19 Work

Since the novel coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 was first identified in late 2019, Columbia Public Health has been working on multiple fronts to respond to the spread of the virus.

Urban Health

Our researchers partner with local and global stakeholders, working towards improving the health of millions of people living in cities.

Data Science

Our researchers are using advanced analytic techniques, and state-of-the-art high performance computing to detect the slightest changes in population-scale electronic health records.


With increased life expectancy come many challenges to ensure that people are living not only longer lives, but rich lives.

Global Health Justice and Governance

GHJG addresses complex public health challenges by advancing justice in the areas of gender, environment, and food.